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A warm lounge in the heart of the island of Saint-Martin, in an idyllic setting with unique Creole cuisine

One passion: recreate the Saint-Martin of the good old days , with its emblematic welcome, its traditional cuisine and its joyful entertainment.


"The love of Saint Martin, the starting point of our concept"

978 Sanctorum is located in Rambaud, a small village in the heart of Saint-Martin, ideally located between Marigot and Grand-Case. This concept was born from the strong desire of a Saint-Martin family madly in love with their island, to open a place dedicated to the epicureans of life in Saint-Martin. Recreating the Friendly Attitude which made Saint Martin the Friendly Island , is the motto of this family which does everything to create an environment “like at home” and where tourists and locals meet to sip, chat, meet and greet.


"Why 978 Sanctorum?

978 is the new INSEE code of Saint-Martin , to mark the institutional development of Saint-Martin as an Overseas Collectivity. It is barely used because little known to the general public, this code reflects an aspiration to recognize its institutional and cultural specificity. It is therefore necessary to give it its letters of nobility. This code, marked by strong symbolism, is magnified by the idyllic setting to which it lends its numbering. It is a real living and evolving cultural sanctuary that we have designed, hence the word Sanctorum, where the regulars feel cocooned and where the artists find a setting conducive to exhibiting their creativity.

The 978 Sanctorum is a new concept which proposes to live with the inhabitant. Let yourself be tempted by the delicious homemade soup, the tasty Jon Jon rice, the rice and peas, source, gratins pays, etc ... The scent of this traditional Creole cuisine escapes from the semi-open kitchen while we taste typical and rare fruit punches or house cocktails. From time to time, cries of joy or frustration escape from the living room where football fans watch a match. It is the perfect place to "just chill" ...


"Fresh and Local"

The choice of products is made with attention to detail, freshness, origin, short circuit ... from the market, the joy of hosting guides the selection of the cookers' produces. We are looking for fresh fish caught in our waters, quality meat, market vegetables. Saint-Martin contains many unsuspected resources, our desire is to reveal to you some of its innumerable secrets


978 Sanctorum is only open on weekends. During the week, the sun's rays caress the villa which becomes again   the home of Angèle and Fritz.


Le 978 Sanctorum "home not far from home" is a concept straight out of Rambaud

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